Kelly and Nick- Proposal

November 29, 2018


A couple weeks before Thanksgiving a friend I graduated high school with, Lexie Harvey, contacted me. She told me how her one of her long time best friends from elementary school was going to get engaged,  and her boyfriend Nick was looking for a photographer. I of course said that I wanted to be apart. After speaking with Sally (Kelly’s mom) and Nick (Kelly’s boyfriend) and hearing about their relationship, dating long distance, hearing Nick talk about Kelly and how nervous he was I couldn’t wait for the day to come.

The day of the proposal arrived and I helped Kelly’s sister and her best friend set up the area where Nick would propose.  I found a place to hide in the bushes until they showed up, and I waited. Shortly, after I heard them walking up and saw him get down on one knee. I slid and ran out of the bushes up a hill to capture the special moment. I cried, Kelly was shocked, Nick was thrilled, and the rest is history.

Spending five minutes with Nick and Kelly you can see and feel the love they have for each other. I rarely had to direct them because they were so goofy and playful. They made my job easy!