Tips for looking for your Wedding Dress!

March 20, 2020

Well, it’s that time. The question was asked, the planning has begun, and the time has come for you to find your wedding dress!!! I mean honestly, this is one of the most exciting things you get to do. Here are 8 things that are helpful to remember when you are looking for your wedding dress!

Things to consider:

  1.  Obviously do your research!
    • Make a Pinterest board. Pin stuff you like and make sure to show it to your stylist.
  2. Make sure to call boutiques ahead!
    • Most of the Bridal Boutiques are by appointment only, you can call or sometimes set up one online! They all want to make sure that you have a personalized experience and want to make sure they have enough room.
  3. Go to more than one Bridal Boutique!
    • Okay….I cannot lie to you guys about this one, I only went to Dress Theory. I did know exactly what I wanted, and I had very limited time with the people who came in from out of town. I have absolutely no regrets! This is (most likely) the ONLY TIME you will get to try on wedding dresses! TRY ON AS MANY AS YOU WANT!! Nashville has so many beautiful bridal boutiques, check them all out. Most of these boutiques carry many different designers. Other beautiful stores besides Dress Theory include: LVD Bridal, ILA Bridal, White Dresses Boutique, and Olia Zavozina, just to name a few.
  4.  At your first appointment, literally try on one of every single dress type.
    • Fundamentally there are 6 different kinds, not that many right?! Here are the 6 kinds: Empire, A-Line, Ballgown, Trumpet, Sheath, and Mermaid Silhouette. Why try on all 6 kinds? I know if you are like I was you probably have been looking at wedding dresses on Pinterest, but you do not know what you are going to like most until you try it on! What you see online may not look the same on your body! Once you find a shape you like, you can tell the stylist at any of the other Bridal Shops you visit.
  5. Make sure you shop early, but not too early!
    • Many of the wedding dresses take 4-8 months to be produced. Once you get it in you will more than likely need alterations, so you want to be sure you have more than enough time to get that done. However, if you have a long engagement you may want to wait just a little before you start looking!
  6. Ask the boutique for alteration recommendations.
    • They may have someone in store who does alterations, but if not, they will have a list of people who do! You can always ask friends who have gotten married who they used as well. Personally I did not use anyone the boutique recommended and went with someone my family has used for 20 years. She even altered my sisters wedding dress and one of my brides! Feel free to ask me for her information, she is amazing! When you bring your dress for alterations make sure you bring the shoes you will be wearing on the wedding day, they need these for the length of your dress.
  7. Look at the accessories they have in store.
    • They have so many beautiful options in store. If you find something you love remember the name of the designer and look at the options those designers have online! All of my jewelry was from Untamed Petals, but another great option is Olive and Piper! The dress and jean jacket below are from Rue De Seine. I brought my Grandmothers mink coat to try on with the dresses as well, because I knew I would be wearing that on the Wedding Day!
  8. Remember to have fun, and happy hunting!
    • I know this can be overwhelming. With all the options you have coming your way, remember to stay true to yourself, what you love, and who you are! I hope when you find the one, you do a happy dance like I did!!