Hey!!!! I'm Kendall

...and I'm a workaholic.

Now let me explain a little.

I FREAKING LOVE MY JOB! I get to work with the coolest, kindest, goofiest, and most creative people who inspire me everyday. My clients let me capture THE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENTS of their lives. For that, I am very grateful.

I am a high school graduate, a licensed cosmetologist, and I DIDN’T GO TO COLLEGE. This was a big deal at my high school, if you didn't go to college…there was something wrong with you. But you know what? College isn't for everyone, and that is OKAY. I have worked my butt off to follow my dream, I have been mentored by some of the best photographers in Tennessee, and learned so much. Just because you don't go to college, doesn't mean you can’t have a crazy idea and achieve it.

A little more about me…

My glasses are ALWAYSSSS dirty. I love food (I really wish I could narrow it down to a type, but I can't). I love my lab Bella (because she is the cutest puppy in the world). I love binge watching New Girl and Shameless on Netflix. I love to dance (I bring a speaker to every session I shoot and ugly dance because it makes you guys laugh). I feel like I should go ahead and tell you all of these things, because at some point you are going to hear about it.